A wise old man named “Bonnie” once gave me a life-changing piece of information:

“After nearly three decades on this planet, she still doesn’t know where she belongs. Best friend of Matt, sarcastic, spoiled, apathetic, kutie, brat, babe. Just your average woman, living in a not-so-average world, surviving by her incredible super power of being able to see right through you while accomplishing more tasks than you ever thought imaginable.”

In a friendly act of rivalry, I will attempt to challenge the master. Who will win the battle of wits? How does one go about fighting with their wits? About what should we battle? Those questions will be answered in my next blog, or the next Star Wars movie, whichever comes first.

One intriguing aspect comes up, and that is the thought that Bonnie and I appear to have twin souls. I realized this when we started independently developing identical websites and ideologies. Interesting! Excuse me while I delve into the spiritual world of the mind. Perhaps Bonnie and I are truly meant to be one entity. Perhaps we will come together to become the Ultimate Destructor.

Only time will tell, my children. Only time will tell.


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